What is Blogging and How to Create a Blog and Earn from Blogging in 2020.

A Blog

is a term that originated from the weblog, it was started as a personal day to day logging, which later termed as blogging where it can be shared with a wider audience.

After the introduction of the internet and its vast presence in the market, it was not hard to understand the importance or blog from marketing to the business point of view.

Here's an overview of what a blog is, why it's popular, and tips to starting your own blog.

Now the biggest challenge people face is to decide between Website and Blog

Both have their own importance while there are also many websites that have integrated blogs. So here are the key differences of blog and website

1. Blogs are always current and updated regularly. Any type of blog from personal to professional is there to keep their audience engaged. Whether the blog is a food blog that is sharing a new food recipe, or a business providing updates about its new ventures and achievements, blogs have new content added almost every day or every week. While on the other hand Websites are rarely updated with new content, but for the most part, websites have static content.

2. Blogs nowadays are about the engagement of the reader and the quality of the information bloggers provide on their blogs. If a blog is well maintained and their reader engagement is good then the blogger can also earn from that blog.

Now let’s Learn How to Start a Blog

Now it’s very nice to know that nowadays it is very easy and user friendly to create a blog in a few easy steps and it can be done without having any technological background. What you need to know is just how to operate computers and knowledge of the internet.

Let’s Get Started

Step One: Setting Up the new Blog

There are many free blogs creating options such as WordPress.com and Blogger, but there is a considerable difference between both, if you want more control over your content then the WordPress is good to go, but if you are a complete newbie then we would recommend blogger as it has minimum functionality to deal with.

Step Two: Add Content

Once your blog is up and running, you need to keep it active with new content and update it regularly to grow your business. Develop a set schedule for writing and posting blog articles. Keep a track of future posts using a calendar or notes.

Step Three: Market

For all business out there marketing is a key strategy to scale up your business, your success comes from marketing and letting your target market know about your blog. Great ways to reach your market are through social media, email lists, and reaching out to other bloggers, podcasters, and media outlets for publicity. Now time to use your connection as your customer and attract them with creating new ways of posts like creating beautiful posts and quotes on social media platforms.

Step Four: Add Income Methods.

This is not the last step but this is an important one, as you want your work and effort should get paid then now time to monetize your blog, for that you have to create good content and after few posts apply for Google Adsense to get paid when there is a visitor on your blog and then click on any advertisement displayed by Google Adsense, then there is affiliate marketing where you can sell product by recommendation through your blog in which you get paid a commission for each successful recommendation.

Blogging is a vast area and you have to keep exploring it and keep working on it to grow and earn from it. Just be dedicated and keep learning. Happy Blogging.

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