Steps to increase your internet speed.

Updated: Feb 25

Due to this Corona Pandemic, many of us are working from our homes. As there are a lot of people working from home so there is a lot of data usage in Browsing, streaming videos, playing games, and many more. And due to that a lot of us putting a strain on the networks and some have noticed a significant drop in the download speed and upload speeds.

If you also experiencing slow internet speeds, here’s what you can do to try and fix the issue:

How to check internet speed

The first step in order to fix your internet speed is checking internet speed. Now to Check internet speed on your desktop or laptop requires you to open the web browser of your choice and head to a speed testing website like or There you will be able to check the download speed and upload speed your internet service provider is delivering.

To check it on a mobile you can head to websites like or and tap enable the desktop site view from the options. You can also download an internet speed testing app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for the same.

Fixing WiFi speeds

Now that you are working from home, your 2Mbps plan which maxes out at 100GB might not be able to take the workload. We recommend that you talk to your ISP first to know if you have finished your data cap and also check if you need speed more than what your current plan offers.

  • The router can also be the reason for slow speed when you using it for a very long time. Due to constant use of the internet and staying online sometimes the router gets too hot and that causes a lot of hardware operational issues. To fix this you can simply turn off your router for around 20 - 30 seconds which will cool down your router. If that doesn’t fix the issues, there might be a technical issue with your router or at your ISP end, for which you will have to call your ISP to look into it as there may be a problem at your ISP end and then they can fix it or can replace your router if that is faulty.

  • If none of the above solve your speed issues, you will need to find the devices connected to your router and also cut down on content streaming like videos and music, so that your WiFi can provide you speed to tackle your daily work. After finishing your work you can get back to your streaming and playing games.

  • Check if your PC or any of your house member’s phones have not started updating in the background. Updates take up a lot of bandwidth.

  • Try to keep the distance from your wifi router as less as possible as with increasing distance the speed of the wifi will reduce and that is due to multiple reasons, so stay close to your router.

Fixing mobile data speeds

  • Check if your mobile device is receiving full signals or not. Sometimes the devices don’t get proper signals due to which the internet speeds fluctuate.

  • Check if you haven’t used up all your assigned data for the day. Sometimes while playing games or consuming content we do not get to know that we have used up all of our data. If your data pack has expired, you can get a booster to replenish it.

  • Sometimes your phone might be connected to a distant tower even when there is a tower available nearby, due to which it might not be receiving signals properly. Thus causing issues with internet speeds. To fix this, you can simply turn the airplane mode ON and turn it off after a few seconds to help it disconnect with the previous tower and connect to the other tower. You can also restart your phone to do this.

  • Mobile updates take up a lot of space and if they start happening while you are replying to an important email or doing some work, they will slow down the internet. Turn the auto-updates option in the Settings panel off and update when you are not working or let the update download and install overnight.

  • If your mobile data speed is not taking an upturn after doing all of this, then there might be an issue with the device’s network settings. Try and reset them from the Settings panel to rectify the issues.

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